Functional EWM S4HANA Training

Functional EWM S4HANA Training

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There is a big demand in the market for EWM skills and it will continue as clients move to S/4 HANA, etc. which will require EWM functional skills/knowledge. Unfortunately, the EWM courses offered by SAP are very expensive and do not prioritize functional processes/issues that are most relevant to clients and implementations.

/SCWM/Solutions has set out to create a comprehensive classroom 40-hour Functional EWM Training course that will soon be available to the public for €995. This is instead of paying €10,000 for the SAP offered classroom courses; EWM 100/110/120 (€3325 each or €875 online).

This SCWM/Solutions functional course will include a full curriculum as well as a test system and documentation on processes, etc.

  • This course is focused on training you on functional EWM processes, not necessarily to pass the SAP EWM certification test
  • The major focus will be on spending time executing processes, etc. yourself in the system
  • Class size is limited to 6-8 people, to ensure course quality